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HardwareDetails Struct Reference

#include <akela_vna_dll.h>

Data Fields

int minimum_frequency
int maximum_frequency
int maximum_points
int serial_number
int band_boundaries [8]
int number_of_band_boundaries

Detailed Description

HardwareDetails struct. This struct is used to encapsulate the capabilities of a specific VNA.

Values for minimum and maximum frequencies, as well as the band boundaries are all in megahertz.

Field Documentation

int band_boundaries[8]

Band boundaries in the connected VNA. Highest frequency first, values in Mhz. Array size is specified in the number_of_band_boundaries struct member.

int maximum_frequency

Maximum frequency, in Mhz, that the VNA can measure.

int maximum_points

Maximum number of points the VNA can sample in a single acquisition.

int minimum_frequency

Minimum frequency, in Mhz, that the VNA can measure.

int number_of_band_boundaries

Number of band boundaries in band_boundaries struct member.

int serial_number

Serial number of connected VNA

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